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Welcome to my space in WWW World. Jyotirmay here from India. I am a Software Engineer with a keen interest on AI applications. Apart from work, I also like to play badminton, chess and meet new people.

Till now, I have a diverse experience starting from web & mobile app development using angular, node, ionic..., I also have my hands dirty on ML applications like emotion prediction, disease prediction from MRI scans and so on to name a few. Learning is an endless process. Hope to learn more and more and develop more cool apps. :)

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4 Years Experience Working


The broader domains of experiences over the last 4-5 years. Mostly It was in Web and Mobile application development, which has been mostly replaced by AI products recently.

Web Development

Worked for projects on PHP, JAVA SpringBoot, MEAN Stack applications. Used AWS and Azure services.

Mobile Apps

Developed mobile apps i.e. Android, iOS, PWA using front-end technologies like Cordova, Ionic, Angular etc.

AI Products

Developed end to end AI products with Python, Flask, PyTorch in the backend. Used Deep Learning mostly.


Worked as freelancer to help remote clients, as well as learned the task & resource management strategies.

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Java SpringBoot & Azure, Nasscom

Multi Modal Audience Understanding

Deep Learning, Disney Research

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What others says about me

These are my friends and colleagues with whom I worked in the past and had a nice time then. Starting from way back in 2014 at TCS, then Quant-IP, and while studying at TUM.

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